The World is Yours Hoodie - Black

$59.99 USD
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Made in the same silhouette as our popular drop shoulder hoodies, this garment is crafted from 100% 360GSM Cotton fabric and features our 'The World is Yours' design.

  • Relaxed fit
  • 100% cotton
  • Snap closure on hood
  • Screen printed design on front and back
  • Machine wash cold / hang to dry (recommended)
  • Model is 6'1 wearing size L

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Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Petr C.
My hoodie

Hi from the Czech Republic!

I haven't washed the hoodie yet, but I got it today and I must say that the quality is actually really good. The hood is really big and kinda special cause however you bend the hood, it stays like that - original and kinda nice "feature". The size is exactly how I wanted to be and the whole product is cool. The material feels kinda warm as I tried that for the first time. Also the hoodie feels kinda heavy, but I like it cause it gives you a feeling of that you are "hidden", basically really comfortable. Sleeves are like that you can hide your palms inside when its cold. Feels like the type of hoodie that you take outside and you feel always comfy. Big up Hours!

Also the shipping was nice. I am from Europe, Czech Republic and I had no problems with shipping. It arrived actually after like 25 days which is absolutely okay. Packaging is nice and there are no faults on the hoodie.

I approve, you can buy!

Elsina H.
my hoodie

i kid you not the hours collection is my favorite hoodies i’ve ever purchased. SO comfortable, and fit you perfectly. I have a Medium and a Large hoodie they’re worn the most out of all my hoodies. I HIGHLY recommend hours hoodies i love this one in this color a lot.

Kaleb B.
My hoodie review

Very nice hoodie very high quality I see myself wearing this all the time I really like the feel and way it sits overall great hoodie


so comfy and warm, best hoodie i've ever purchased!


I love this purchase, it is heavy weight and so so comfy!!

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